At Rising Eagle Cleaning Service, we employ the latest technology and industry standards to ensure dependable, quality cleaning service for commercial properties in our area. Our highly trained staff are screened and follow quality protocols to produce consistent, measurable results. We understand that every business and property is different, that’s why we skillfully work with each client to create a program and schedule that will best fit your goals and needs. We are experienced with a range of commercial properties, including schools and universities, offices, retail locations, industrial facilities and factories, government facilities, and more!

Creating Healthier Environments

Safety is important to us at Rising Eagle Cleaning Service. Not only does having a clean workplace cut down on the risk of the spread of illness, it also creates a safe workplace for your employees. Beyond this, we also employ top-of-the-line, green-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic both to humans and the environment. These sustainable products and methods promote both environmental and human health. We also use environmentally friendly tools such as reusable microfiber cloths and mop heads, and we assist with waste management and recycling.

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